Mobile Commerce for Hospitality

Mobile Commerce for Hospitality

Mobile Commerce for Hospitality

Does your hospitality brand have the solutions it needs to survive in today’s mobile-first travel market? Do you want to increase direct bookings, conversions and revenue? 

The hospitality industry is a complex ecosystem that comprises 10% of global GDP and includes hotels, music venues, sporting arenas, convention centers, resorts, entertainment and more. Today, mobile commerce is crucial to any industry, but none more than hospitality where consumers are driven by experiences and connections – and are dreaming up their next trip or activity on their mobile device.

Hospitality providers can capture more revenue, reach more consumers and drive more business growth with sell-side and pay-side solutions that deliver superior results in a mobile-first market. Hospitality guests and patrons want fast, easy, seamless transactions whether they are booking a hotel room on their phone, paying for concert tickets at the gate, ordering room service or scheduling a tour. 

Meeting your customers where they are with the flexible and powerful tools to create profitable transactions is the key to future success in this industry.

60% of all hotel bookings are now digital.

CellPoint Mobile is a leading provider of comprehensive mobile commerce and payment solutions for the hospitality industry. With a comprehensive suite of flexible, configurable, mobile-first offerings, we help clients get to market quickly in order to drive revenue, create efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction on both the selling side and payment side of every travel transaction.

Mobile Solutions for Hospitality

Customer service in the hospitality industry requires a high level of execution in daily operations, from managing a kitchen or hotel property to organizing concerts and business conventions. Consumers have high service standards and little patience for inefficient or inconvenient service. 

CellPoint Mobile’s portfolio of sell and pay side solutions can provide the end-to-end experience that customers want, helping them move through booking, payment and travel management with as little time and effort as possible – so they can enjoy their hotel, concert, sporting event or conference, and spend more with your hospitality brand.

Our solutions are available for:

Booking, check-in and ticketing should be convenient, secure and seamless experiences – all of which require a robust mobile architecture.

Our solutions are built for the mobile environment and designed specifically to serve the unique merchandising and payment needs of hotels, resorts, theme parks, casinos, tours and other destination activity providers. 

  • Create omnichannel booking and merchandising opportunities with our Internet and Mobile Booking Engines 
  • Leverage pre-integrated payment methods and value-added services
  • Engage with more passengers using our Campaign Management solution
  • Enable plug-and-play access to PSPs, acquirers and multiple payment methods and digital wallets such as Android Pay, Apple Pay, MobilePay, Visa Checkout and more


With CellPoint Mobile’s mobile booking, payment and campaign management solutions in place, your hospitality provider can:

  • Boost sales conversions

  • Increase direct bookings

  • Leverage loyalty relationships to improve the guest experience

  • Make travel easier for mobile-first and mobile-only travelers

  • Control IT and implementation costs

  • Gain insights and reporting capabilities

  • Expand market share by leveraging mobile commerce capabilities

  • Reduce time to market for mobile solutions

We help hospitality providers across the globe to make travel easier for their customers while increasing revenues. Are you ready to get started?

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