Mobile Commerce for Ground Transportation

Mobile Commerce for Ground Transportation

Follow the path to higher revenues: convenient, seamless travel

Ground transportation is a key link in local, national and global economies, helping travelers get to and from work, explore cities, and discover new destinations.  This sector encompasses all passenger transportation by ground, including rail, car rental and subscription, bus, taxi, parking and ride-share services.

There is tremendous opportunity to make ground transportation a more seamless, mobile journey in which passengers can search, plan, and pay for their trip, easily and quickly. With the right mobile solutions, ground transportation operators can discover new sources of revenue, earn greater market share and provide comprehensive travel services to a growing population.

In an increasingly mobile world, passengers look to their smartphones for essential travel information – train schedules, fares, boarding passes, parking locations, station information – and they expect to conduct all transactions on a mobile device (not tethered to a laptop).

For more than a decade, CellPoint Mobile has provided comprehensive mobile commerce and payment solutions for the rail sector, while also serving the wider travel and transportation industries, including air, bus, metro and more. CellPoint Mobile makes it easy for ground transportation providers to deploy a variety of mobile solutions - including ticketing, validation, and campaign management - quickly and cost-effectively.

Mobile Solutions for Ground Transportation Providers

Mobile is the direct channel to your passengers before, during and after their trips. They want to handle all travel-related transactions directly from their smartphones: search, booking, payment, ancillary and third-party purchases, social media interaction and engagement with mobile promotions and offers.  Because ground travel is a frequent and immediate purchase, ground transportation providers can add significant recurring revenue with mobile solutions that make travel easier throughout the customer journey.

Whether customers are commuting to work, crossing the country by train or booking a rental car or ride-share, there is ample opportunity for ground transportation providers to capture higher mobile revenues on every transaction.

Our ground transportation solutions are available for:

With the growing importance of intermodal transportation, passengers want travel planning to be convenient, secure and seamless.

Mobile solutions provide the architecture needed to create the ideal customer experience across all modes of transportation.  CellPoint Mobile's solutions are built specifically for the mobile environment and designed to serve the unique payment, booking and communication needs of the ground transportation sector.

  • Embed booking, loyalty, campaign management and other capabilities into the mobile channel.
  • Enable plug-and-play access to payment service providers, acquirers and multiple payment methods and digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, MobilePay, Visa Checkout and more.


With CellPoint Mobile’s mobile booking, ticketing and payment solutions in place, ground transportation providers can:

  • Enable broad, mobile-first travel functionality beyond booking and payments, including seat selection, refunds, push notifications, traffic information and updates, vouchers, invoices, commuter services and more.
  • Increase ticketing and ancillary revenues
  • Reduce reliance on physical ticketing agents and kiosks
  • Decrease need for investment in expensive fare collection infrastructure
  • Improve passenger satisfaction by enabling easy and quick mobile transactions

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