Mobile Commerce for Airlines

Mobile Commerce for Airlines

How much revenue does your airline capture from the mobile channel? Could it be more?

A look around any airport today confirms a new mobile environment: as travelers pass through security, navigate the terminal, check flight status, re-charge in the lounge or wait at the gate, their attention is focused their smartphones and digital devices – the most valued connections for travelers today.

Airlines want to be a part of that connection, but often struggle to implement a successful mobile strategy. Large carriers are reluctant to overhaul legacy systems in favor of a mobile approach, and instead are tempted to “bolt on” mobile capabilities to existing internet-based processes. Airlines in emerging markets may lead with mobile, but need help in getting started as well as speed to market. Global airlines may struggle to integrate their payments architecture with mobile, or lack the technology to support the many type of alternate payment methods that passengers want – and expect - to use.

To overcome these challenges, airlines need mobile-first strategies and operations that encompass the entire passenger journey, including loyalty programs, passenger interactions, passenger transactions and ancillary sales. Airlines that store passenger data and payment data to provide seamless mobile booking capabilities will gain a competitive advantage and capture new revenue streams.

Digital travel sales are growing 8-10% annually, and airlines need immediate solutions that will prepare them to compete in a mobile-first environment.

CellPoint Mobile is a leading provider of comprehensive mobile commerce and payment solutions for airlines. Our mobile capabilities – including payment, booking, and ancillary merchandising – can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

Mobile Solutions for Airlines

Mobile is the direct channel to passengers before, during and after their trips. They expect to handle all travel-related transactions directly from their mobile devices including search, booking, payment, ancillary and third-party purchases, social media interaction and engagement with mobile promotions and offers. 

Our solutions enable airlines to engage with them throughout their entire journey – from booking to check-in to boarding all the way to their destination. With CellPoint Mobile, airlines can effectively leverage the mobile channel to capture revenues and build engagement at every step by making it easy for passengers to search, book and buy from their mobile devices.

Airlines that partner with CellPoint Mobile can roll out mobile payment solutions, a mobile booking engine and other mobile capabilities quickly and effectively with fewer integration and IT costs –and realize returns on investment quickly.

Booking, check-in and boarding should be convenient, secure and seamless experiences – all of which require a robust mobile architecture.

Our solutions are built for the mobile environment and designed specifically to serve the unique booking, ancillary revenue and global payment needs of airlines.

  • Create omnichannel booking and merchandising opportunities with our Internet and Mobile Booking Engines and Merchandising Platform
  • Leverage pre-integrated payment methods and value-added services
  • Engage with more passengers using our Loyalty Solution
  • Enable plug-and-play access to PSPs, acquirers and multiple payment methods and digital wallets such as Android Pay, Apple Pay, MobilePay, Visa Checkout and more.


With CellPoint Mobile's mobile booking, payment and loyalty solutions in place, your airline can:

  • Boost sales conversions
  • Increase core and ancillary revenues
  • Improve payment options for passengers
  • Make travel easier for mobile-first and mobile-only passengers
  • Control IT and implementation costs
  • Gain insights and reporting capabilities
  • Expand market share by leveraging mobile commerce capabilities
  • Reduce time to market for mobile solutions

We help airlines across the globe to make travel easier for their passengers while increasing revenues. Are you ready to get started?

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