A Merchandising Hub for Travel Merchants

Our solutions tightly integrate the sell side and the payment side of every travel transaction, enabling a frictionless path to purchase for mobile users, and new and higher revenues for merchants.

With our mobile architecture in place, travel merchants can quickly capture mobile revenues without replacing existing infrastructure, provide better customer service with a holistic view of all customer activity, and scale up as their business needs grow.

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Make Travel Easier with Google Pay

Learn how your travel company can leverage the new comprehensive online and in-app payment method from Google.

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Bridging The Divide

Our sell-side and pay-side products and services bring fintech and travel tech together to meet your needs.

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Accelerate Your Revenues

Our flexible and scalable Velocity payment platform helps you boost revenues, reduce costs, and remove IT complexities.

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Sell Side Solutions

A sales-side platform for mobile commerce across every travel transaction – everything travel merchants need to sell, communicate, and build relationships with passengers and guests.

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Pay Side Solutions

A merchant-side payment platform – everything travel merchants need to control the payments environment, maximize mobile revenue and increase conversions on the path to purchase.

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CellPoint Mobile's sell and pay side solutions enable travel merchants in all verticals - airlines, ground transportation, ferry and cruise operators, and hospitality and tourism service providers - to boost sales conversions and direct bookings, control IT and implementation costs, and gain insights and reporting capabilities.

Our solutions can help your travel company increase revenues, create efficiencies, and better manage the sell side and pay side of every transaction. Get started today!

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