Expand & Deepen Mobile Payment Capabilities

Velocity is the payment industry's first Mobile-PSP-as-a-Service (MPaaS), created specifically for airlines and travel operators. Based on CellPoint Mobile's industry expertise and built-for-mobile solutions, PSP functionality can now be handled as a plug-and-play business service, enabling airlines and travel operators to deploy mobile-centric payment solutions quickly, seamlessly, securely and profitably.


Velocity’s ACCELERATE solution helps airlines and travel operators expand and deepen their mobile wallet capabilities.

Buoyed by the success of a mobile wallet deployment, airlines can expand their foothold in the mobile payments ecosystem and create opportunities for even more revenue streams from customers as they travel.

Available with a manageable monthly hosting payment and a minimal setup fee, Velocity ACCELERATE includes all ENGAGE features, PLUS:

3 Additional Payment Methods: Expand your support for alternative payment methods, extending your customer reach and increasing revenue from new ticket sales. Options available for Accelerate customers include:

Android Pay
AmEx Checkout
Apple Pay
Visa Checkout
Samsung Pay
Mobile Pay

Connectivity to 3 Acquirers: Provision payment processing using up to three acquirers: connect to your existing acquirers or add new ones to obtain an optimal mix of rates and fees, protect revenues with lower transaction costs and boost revenues from increased acceptance rates. With intelligent transaction routing, you can match the transaction to the acquirer that covers the specific mix of region and card issuer that is ideal for your transaction. [for images, see Connectivity1.jpg, Connectivity2, Connectivity3]

Stored Payment Capability: Create a seamless experience for your users and build loyalty with stored payments functionality.

Users can:

You can choose between open loop payment option via a multi-tender container or a closed loop payment option enabling full payment and instant settlement. 

Securely store preferred payment methods for re-use in subsequent transactions (cards/points/loyalty rewards/offers)

Access payment information stored at third-party sites, with other payment sources, and within a specific mobile wallet.

Pay with a single click, without the need to sign in and out of different websites or apps.

[tender.png and closed loop.png. Note that the images are not good quality – I pulled them from a powerpoint and there is too much space around the image. Will ask Vivek for better ones with same view].

Native, In-App Payments: Provide standard in-app payment pages with re-direction, enabling you to protect existing revenues with improved payment flow and reduce cart abandonment rates. This native mobile payment flow allows you to offer a fully branded user experience that matches your app, with additional customization available such as prioritization of payment methods. [native screen shot.png]

Pay-by-Link: Re-direct to a payment page from Chat, SMS and email interactions to increase revenue from ticket and ancillary sales, minimize passenger frustration, and reduce staffing overheads. With this tightly integrated functionality, Velocity creates an SMS/Email-configured link which directs the passenger to the mobile app or browser to proceed with payment. Transactions are linked to the reporting system allowing for immediate notification to passenger and airline. [see screenshots paybylink1.png and paybylink2.png]

Value-Added Services - Other services available as add-ons to the Accelerate package include:

  • Push Messaging for Ancillary Sales: Velocity can integrate its push messaging technology into the purchase flow to encourage passengers to either complete abandoned ancillary purchases or to inform them of relevant items available for purchase.
  • Interchange Optimization and Dynamic Routing: Velocity can advantageously route your payment based on a number of different criteria, such as amount, exchange rate, issuing country, card type, capture method, interchange fees, and established business rules. As a result, airlines can traffic their payments across payment methods, geographies, and other factors to obtain an optimal cost mix. In addition, automatic re-routing of declined transactions ensures high acceptance rates.
  • Acceptance Rate Optimization: Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem IpsumLorem Ipsum
  • Consulting Services: As needed, the CellPoint Mobile team can step in to help our airline and travel operator clients implement more functionality or develop a mobile app from scratch, as well as provide any integration assistance needed beyond the easy plug-and-play Velocity configuration process.

    [need some image here for Services, we have included some suggestions to help you get started on istock. The image is covering the entire Value-Added Services concept so it is hard to be specific.]

Accelerate Your Mobile Wallet and Commerce Capabilities

This plug-and-play solution is so easy to implement - all you need to do is:


Choose an Acquirer supporting the chosen APM


Integrate your App, Web and Moto channel using Velocity API and SDK’s


Configure, report and monitor

chosen APM transactions using Velocity reporting tool


  • Build on the success of initial mobile wallet deployment by offering more options to passengers
  • Enjoy the ability to store payment card data for seamless payments across multiple channels
  • Gain access to other solutions and tools to deepen your customers’ mobile commerce options
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As needs and demand rise, move beyond the Engage experience to Accelerate your mobile commerce strategy: deploy several more APM solutions, across all channels and to your mobile-centric passengers.

Let CellPoint Mobile's plug-and-play solutions provide the mobile payments expertise and functionality you need, freeing your busy and valuable IT resources for other projects while simultaneously deepening their knowledge with the CellPoint Mobile platform.

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Once new mobile revenue streams begin to flow to the airline's bottom line, you'll realize the value of a mobile-focused payments strategy and pursue the next, most strategic revenue opportunities.

Velocity’s Accelerate solution represents the next phase of growth and expansion for your mobile-centric payments strategy, and it will satisfy your airline's need for additional revenues and heightened profit margins just as capably as it satisfies your customers' demands to pay from their smartphones as they travel.

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With the Accelerate option, expand your airline’s footprint in the mobile marketplace with more payment options and revenue streams. Boost revenues from ancillary products and services, and take advantage of the opportunity to create and leverage markets that previously weren't accessible.

Better yet, begin to collect the data and metrics needed to justify your company’s continued investment in e-commerce. Make it easy for your airline to understand the importance of the digital channel to the bottom line.

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