The Mobile Booking Engine for Global Travel

In a mobile-first world, mobile booking engines need to not only enable travel booking and redefine customer experience, but also provide airlines, ground transportation, ferry and cruise operators, as well as hospitality and tourism service providers the opportunities to cross-sell and upsell to their passengers, guests, and patrons at many touchpoints throughout the entire travel journey.

Features such as the ability to provide multiple payments options in PCI DSS-supported secure connections, a compelling user experience that is seamless, efficient and device and platform-agnostic and designed for, not adapted to mobile, and a feature-rich platform are key components of a mobile booking engine that can advantage – not just sustain – travel enterprises.

1/3 of online travel bookings worldwide take place on mobile devices

Voyage Mobile enables travel merchants to increase revenues in their mobile channel. The mobile booking engine provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading travel reservation and ticketing systems, ancillary and add-on products and services, and is supported by a fully PCI DSS compliant payment platform that provides a host of payment services. Voyage also integrates seamlessly with a wide choice of merchant-opted gateways and alternative forms of payment such as points, vouchers and staggered/installment payments.

Built on the leading mobile native platforms (iOS and Android), Voyage is available to more than 99.6% of the mobile community in all geographies, is designed specifically to provide a high quality user experience for mobile users, and is easy to deploy with a ready-made UI library and templates. And since Voyage is part of a comprehensive travel transaction platform, travel merchants can easily integrate booking with other functions on both the sell and pay side to create frictionless mobile commerce experiences for every passenger and guest.

3 Voyage Mobile Solutions Packaged to Suit Your Unique Business Needs

An entry point for travel merchants to implement essential mobile booking and check-in mobile functionality

Search & Book (revenue)
Travel Insurance
Basic Promotions
SMS Itinerary
Language Support (English)
Basic Reporting

A middle option for travel merchants to add an extra layer of convenience and functionality to their customers’ travel experience

Core +
Search & Book (miles, points)
Manage Your Booking (MYB)
Geo-targeted, fenced Promotions
Flight Status & Schedules
Notifications (Email, Push)
Language Support (Multi-lingual)
Advanced Reporting

A full-featured, comprehensive mobile booking option

Advanced +
Online Check-in
Social Integration
Car Rental (in path)
Hotels (in path)
Chat Bots
Premium Reporting

Voyage provides the travel industry with customizable, scalable mobile booking solutions that can be implemented easily and quickly. With Voyage, travel merchants in all verticals can:

Increase mobile channel growth, conversion rates, and yield per passenger/guest.

Delight passengers, guests and patrons with a mobile user experience second to none.

Ensure payment flexibility and security by deploying a mobile booking engine that is deeply integrated with a robust payments platform.

Leverage the convenience and appeal of the mobile channel to increase market share among mobile-first consumers.

Lower costs and reduce the complexity of mobile commerce with our built-for-mobile platform and travel-specific expertise.

Boost revenue from ancillary and add-on product and services by leveraging a robust merchandising platform.

Launch a branded, deployment-ready mobile booking engine in less than 20 weeks.

Implement the functionality you need at one time, with only one product and one vendor.

Monitor customer transactions in real-time and access strategic insights with an easy-to-use management console.

Only with a properly designed mobile booking solution can travel merchants truly embark on a new voyage – along with their passengers, guests, and patrons – to higher revenues and new opportunities for increased travel and tourism bookings.

Learn how Voyage can help your airline, ground transportation, or hospitality service provider convert more travelers through mobile bookings and start increasing your revenues today.

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