A data-driven communications and campaign management platform for travel sales

Personalized, contextual marketing strategies, whether driven by location-based services, behavioral targeting, or insights on past purchase behavior, are uniquely beneficial for companies in the travel industry. Airlines, ground transportation, cruise and ferry operators, and hotel and tourism service providers, through the immediate, finite and enclosed nature of the brand interaction with their customers, have the opportunity to enrich engagement at the exact moment that customers are most interested purchasing additional products and services.

Travel and tourism enterprises need a data-driven marketing platform that is capable of precise targeting to deploy relevant contextual promotions that will boost both brand loyalty and revenue.

85% of leisure travelers decide on activities after arriving at their destination 

Vantage, the leading intelligent engagement platform for the travel industry, helps merchants identify buying patterns and consumer behavior, segment customers based on trip persona, location and other variable combinations, and proactively target customers with promotional campaigns, discounts and offers. 

Merchants can run campaigns for products and services to improve loyalty and brand awareness, target customers based on where they are physically in their trip itinerary, drive social media word of mouth, and build a highly communicative relationship with customers. With a rich reporting tool, Vantage provides data-driven insights that feed highly effective, targeted marketing campaigns. 

With CellPoint Mobile, travel merchants have a single framework that ties together the sell side and pay side of mobile commerce – to go beyond fare and ticket sales and create new revenue opportunities.

How it Works


Define and configure campaign


Promotion engine delivers to booking engine or email


Promotions appear in merchant app


Users click on offers and consume them


Administrator views campaign metrics

Increase Revenue with Vantage

Vantage is a marketing, engagement and communications platform that enables travel, passenger transportation and hospitality merchants to connect with their passengers, guests and customers. With Vantage, travel merchants in all verticals can:

Optimize revenue with frequent and high-yield travelers

Increase mobile channel growth, conversion rates, and yield per passenger/guest

Promote a new route or destination to increase sales

Reengage with past travelers

Provide targeted offers and information to first-time travelers on a route, ship, or ferry to increase revenue and encourage return visits

Offer differentiated service to returning customers

Amplify brand message to customers

Identify buying patterns and consumer behavior

Improve loyalty and brand awareness

Increase conversion rates based on geo-fencing to optimize purchase likelihood based on where the traveler is in the trip

Integrate marketing strategies across the sell side and pay side of mobile commerce

Discover new revenue opportunities

Boost revenue from ancillary and add-on product and services by leveraging a robust marketing platform

Vantage enables travel merchants to create and execute segmented, targeted promotions and campaigns across their entire customer base, and build a robust communications channel with their customers through personalized and context-optimized messaging.

Multiple Channels

  • IOS and Android in-app notifications 
  • Message center inbox for email campaigns
  • SMS-based campaign support
  • Push notifications administered via web console

Smart Campaigns

  • Intelligent segmentation based on customer persona, travel patterns, home country and favorite destinations
  • Broadcast messaging – promote push offers to all users
  • Language-based targeting 
  • Itinerary-based targeting
  • Rich reporting tool that reports on adoption rates, success and consumption metrics

Multiple Products and Services

  • Can sell passenger tickets and seats, ancillary products, and channel partner services
  • Multiple brands can be managed from one console, enabling third party offers pre-, during, and post-trip
  • Single framework that unites the sell side and pay side of travel transactions

Easy Integration

  • Comes pre-integrated to all products within the CellPoint Mobile platform: Voyage (booking), Velocity (payments) and Console (Reporting)
  • Can integrate with a company’s existing CRM and retail systems to create targeted marketing campaigns and promotional offers

Travel merchants need a marketing platform that is easy to use, built for the mobile environment and can build a communication channel with customers – driving new opportunities for loyalty, merchandising and increased revenues.

Learn how Vantage can help your airline, ground transportation provider, or hospitality brand engage travelers and increase your revenues immediately.
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