Access stored payment information
from a single sign-on platform



Airlines struggle with the costs, time and complexity of collecting and managing multiple sources of payment information from internal airline systems, and the dual challenge of collecting and integrating information from external payment services as well. 

With the arrival of new payment methods, technologies and mobile wallets – each with its own proprietary requirements, and with limited support from PSPs and acquirers – airlines struggle to build, maintain and manage a payments infrastructure capable of making connections among all payment methods with considerable customer following.

Two key questions emerge. Who stores customer information? Who stores customer payment information without being tied or limited to a proprietary payment provider? Answers emerge in seamless, modular solutions that can make connections among all available information and processing systems, internal and external. With these capabilities, payments can be conducted quickly, securely and without interruption to passengers as they travel.


CellPoint Mobile’s Stored Payment Capability enables airlines to own and store payment information in an airline-controlled Payment Vault and Orchestration layer, a feature that allows airlines to manage a range of passenger payments, services and transactions quickly and cost-effectively.

From its single sign-on platform, CellPoint Mobile stores, accesses, integrates and makes connections between internal and external payment information and processing sources.

For airlines, this capability simplifies the complexity, costs and time involved in managing payment methods, supporting mobile wallets and processing passengers’ payments and transactions without interruption. Nestled within the company’s Travel Bank mWallet™ solution, CellPoint Mobile’s Stored Payment Capability delivers quick and easy storage of payment information in its PCI-certified Payment Vault.  This capability supports easy integration into third-party mobile wallet payments, such as Apple Pay, MasterPass, Visa Checkout, Android Pay, Amex Express Checkout and others.


Bring All Payment Solutions to Market Quickly

From a single sign-on platform, airlines can manage and access all payment information quickly and cost-effectively, enabling them to turn payment functions into revenue streams that stretch from beginning to end of the passenger journey. Without costly overhead or huge amounts of time or IT involvement to integrate internal and external payment information, airlines can stay up-to-date with the ever-changing payments ecosystem and bring new payment solutions to market quickly. Passenger expectations for seamless payments are met, and airlines enjoy new, expanded revenue streams to support growth and more profitable margins


Manage all payments from a central dashboard that supports secure, simple, 1-click check-out, regardless of how a passenger enters the payments ecosystem (website, app, loyalty program, etc.)

Directly and securely own and store passengers’ payment information, including credit/debit card information and alternative payment method information (e.g., bank transfers, mobile payments, pre-paid cards, Bitcoin, etc.)

Access payment information stored at third-party sites or with other payment sources, as well as third-party e-wallets such as Apple Pay, MasterPass, Visa Checkout, Android Pay, Amex Express Checkout and others

Rely on a built-in and secure credentialing process to access third-party payment information and services. Payments can be transacted securely and in a way that is PCI-compliant

Integrate the payments process seamlessly with other mobile wallets and payment methods

Enable passengers to pay with a single click, without the need to sign in and out of different websites or apps as they travel.