TravelBank mWallet - Airline branded, off-the-shelf,

passenger-centric wallet solution



Today’s airline passengers demand the ability to make purchases and manage travel plans from their smartphones and mobile devices. A full 97% of air passengers carry mobile devices as they travel and 45% carry three or more. Airlines are eager to facilitate and aid passengers' mobile-empowered travel journeys, but creating a passenger-centric airline wallet from scratch is time-consuming, costly and complicated in an ever-changing mobile payments ecosystem.


Airlines can roll out a fully branded, passenger-centric mobile wallet in a matter of weeks, rather than months. CellPoint Mobile’s Travel Bank mWallet™ is an off-the-shelf, ready-to-use wallet solution that serves as a central repository for passengers’ payment data, transactional data, and travel documents, such as boarding passes and tickets, making it easy for the billion-plus passengers who travel each year do more and buy more from their smartphones. Travel Bank mWallet™ provides airlines with a direct and personalized connection to their passengers via numerous sales channels, centralizing all information and ensuring instant passenger self-service - anywhere, any time.


By supporting numerous, seamless paths to purchase from any device, airlines boost revenues by giving passengers the user experience they need to plan, buy, book, board, purchase, upgrade and manage their travels from their smartphones. And with passengers empowered to do more and buy more from their smartphones, airlines gain the ability to keep a mix of refunds, credits and branded currencies within the airline’s finance system.


CellPoint Mobile's mWallet™ Travel Bank operates in online and offline mode, ensuring continous access to essential customer records.

Enable passengers to transact using a mix of stored cards, points and other accumulated tender

Store travel documents - boarding cards, e-tickets, visa/immigration documents, receipts, train/metro tickets, etc. 

Display and manage loyalty program data and EMDs, turning miles and EMDs into revenue streams though split-tender and one-click check-out

Turn Denied Boarding Compensation (DBC) events into profitable business opportunities for cross-selling and upselling

Integrate with any third-party wallet provider, such as PayPal, Visa Checkout, MasterPass, Apple Passbook, ApplePay, and Google Now

Support fund transfers, mobile remote account top-ups, coupons, social media revenue opportunities, incident handling and other transactions

Manage and monitor wallet-initiated payments and transactions in real time from a single console -- ideal for operations, customer service and fraud teams

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