mFraud - Protect your airline's assets, loyalty programs and passengers' transactions



Hacking, cybersecurity breaches and transaction fraud cause billions of dollars in losses worldwide and can quickly damage the reputations and brand equity of the world’s leading airlines. More and more passenger payments and transactions incorporate virtual currency in the form of loyalty points or "miles" via online and mobile channels. Hackers and fraudsters have followed, and they are taking advantage of security weaknesses outside of traditional payments processing.

Is your airline prepared?


Our mFraud™ Solution for Loyalty Programs arms the world’s airlines with powerful tools to identify, delay and halt fraud in its tracks. It helps to protect airline revenues and the value of airline-owned loyalty programs from fraudulent activity. It preserves passenger trust through transactions that are both secure and seamless.


By treating passengers’ payment and loyalty accounts as bank accounts, airlines can process legitimate payments and rewards easily but escalate questionable activities quickly for further step-checks or investigation.


Connect disparate back-end systems so that passengers enjoy a consistent and satisfying user experience, no matter which channel, payment method, or device they use to initiate a transaction. Settings and preferences from one channel (online, offline, call center, mobile) are reflected in all others, supporting transactions seamlessly from one channel to another

Use data-profiling modules and sophisticated risk-based rule engines to monitor accounts for suspicious or uncharacteristic activity

Set up automatic alerts for questionable activities

Flag transactions until they can be verified by passengers through one-time passwords, multifactor authentication and other measures

Simplify legitimate payments and decrease false-positive rejections

CellPoint Mobile’s Fraud Solutions suite also can connect to third-party fraud-prevention solutions, supporting even more robust risk management based on real-time information.

Contact us today to find out how your airline can implement the necessary fraud-monitoring and fraud-mitigation solutions to protect your revenues, assets, customers and reputation.