Rely on a robust infrastructure
to improve the value of payment services

Increase ROI with
flexible payment solutions


Today’s airlines face many complicated challenges as they navigate the payments ecosystem. More sales channels, many of them disconnected. Competing demands for more revenues and greater cost efficiencies. Costly fees from Payment Service Providers (PSPs). Lengthy IT integration requirements for different payment methods. Data stored in disparate, back-end systems. And passengers who demand satisfying payments and travel transactions from an ever-growing number of devices, channels, currencies and payment methods.


Airline revenues soar when passengers can buy directly from airlines via multiple sales channels and on any device. Airline costs tumble when key solutions remove the complexity of capturing, verifying, standardizing and protecting data needed to process payments and manage travel transactions.  CellPoint Mobile’s Converged Payments Architecture ties together all payment data and services within a single framework, enabling airlines to support and expand passengers’ payments and manage transactions uniformly across all channels – quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively and securely.


Passengers’ engagements with airlines – bookings, ticketing, miles redemptions, boarding passes, in-flight purchases, upgrades, coupons, vouchers, refunds and the like – are secure, easy to manage and easy to update. Rather than draining revenues, the payments ecosystem can deliver more revenue for airlines and frictionless, satisfying user experiences for passengers.


Enabled by our Converged Payments Architecture, airlines can:

Support seamless, omnichannel transactions by housing and managing all payment data in a single console. Data, devices, transaction points and preferences from one channel - online, offline, call center, mobile - are reflected in all others 

Configure and route payments to multiple PSPs to get the best rates

Design unified payment pages once and make dynamic updates as needed

Enjoy a unified, real-time view of customer transactions to proactively monitor and support payments, reconcile financial issues and improve customer service 

Create more paths to purchase with easy one-click checkout and other features

Support travelers with mobile wallet functionality and services covering payments, loyalty programs, ancillary revenue and upselling opportunities

Monitor and mitigate fraud associated with payments and loyalty programs to build passenger trust

Learn more by clicking to detailed information about the key components of the Converged Payments Architecture – our Converged Payment Gateway, End-to-End Real-Time Transaction Monitoring console, mWallet™ Travel Bank, and Fraud Solutions for payments and loyalty programs.