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Managing and processing passengers’ payments and travel transactions can be complicated, costly and time-consuming. Airline executives must balance the demands of multiple delivery storefronts, optimal user experiences and new payment services against the challenges of lower transaction costs, improved security and enhanced passenger trust. Further complicating this balancing act are legacy system constraints, disconnected sales channels, information silos, a highly fragmented payments ecosystem, new legislation and constantly changing consumer technologies.  

Airlines need solutions that connect and support the external payments ecosystem, legacy systems, back-end operational systems and third-party systems so that payment data and omnichannel transactions can be managed and processed seamlessly and securely. 


CellPoint Mobile’s Converged Payment Gateway is the hub where key payments components are already in place, waiting to be turned into airline revenue opportunities and seamless passenger purchases across all channels - all at the click of a button with no impact on IT resources. Bring new payment methods to market in seconds. Implement your routing tables in minutes through a simple touch of the screen. Add, delete and update Payment Service Providers (PSPs) in weeks, not months. 


Our Converged Payment Gateway (CPG) does the heavy lifting for airlines by pre-integrating the components they need to process and manage payments – any device, currency, payment method or PSP. Provide more opportunities for passengers to purchase directly from airlines as they travel. Be ready for the payments ecosystem wherever it goes – NFC-enabled payments, NDC, mobile apps, loyalty currencies, China UnionPay, ApplePay, MasterPass, credit and debit cards, bank transfers and more. The Central Payment Gateway makes payments happen, quickly and without complexity.


With the Central Payment Gateway in place, airlines can:

Drastically reduce steep roll-out and maintenance costs of new payment solutions, methods and devices by up to 60%

Decrease time-to-market from month to days

Support one-click check-out, all currencies, all devices and a broad range of payments, including major funding sources/PSPs, third-party wallets, cards, alternative payment methods, native payments, and interbank payments/transactions

Create a unified access point across the airline for all payment and mobile wallet services

Integrate functionality of the external payments ecosystem, internal legacy systems, existing back-end systems and third-party systems

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