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Velocity IT

As your airline, passenger transportation provider, or hospitality merchant implements a mobile-first commerce strategy, you need to make sure that the steps you take now will set up your company for deeper, broader initiatives and functionality over time. Bolting mobile-centric capabilities onto legacy commerce systems is not a sustainable strategy in a market undergoing rapid and constant change towards an always connected mobile-only consumer. Instead, airlines and travel merchants need payment strategies that are nimble, built on speed, and able to keep pace with marketplace demand, devices and technology.

CellPoint Mobile's Velocity platform provides full gateway
functionality and a complete merchant-side payment control environment created specifically for airlines and travel operators. With Velocity's converged payment architecture in place, airlines, ground transportation providers, and hospitality service providers now have a way to incorporate additional payment methods and mobile wallets quickly, cost-effectively, and without friction into their legacy systems, technologies and processes.

Velocity enables you to:

Build for the Future

Quickly and easily add the industry's leading wallet solutions and alternative payment methods (APMs): Android Pay, Amex Express Checkout, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, MasterPass and others as you need them

Incorporate e-commerce and direct-channel selling into the IT framework

Stake a stronger claim in your company's mobile strategy while delivering the components that executives demand from IT: innovation, technology, and reporting

Integrate Quickly and Easily

Shorten time to market for new wallet solutions with a mobile-first vendor: Velocity was built from the ground up for the mobile environment, so roll-out of new payment methods can occur in weeks, not months

Keep your existing PSP and acquirer relationships intact: Velocity requires minimal integration with existing vendors and processes

Save time by relying on plug-and-play solutions to deploy new technologies, rather than building them from scratch

Optimize Your Resources

Reduce operational costs associated with new technology roll-outs, regardless of underlying systems and processes

Limit post-implementation effort with a central, self-service configuration and reporting platform that crosses all business and sales channels

Access the metrics and data you need to support your project with comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities

Let Velocity boost your travel merchant's ability to embrace and support the mobile marketplace with mobile payment solutions that are quick, cost-effective and easy to deploy

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