Turn E-Commerce into a Revenue-Generating Powerhouse

Velocity E-Commerce

The unparalleled growth of mobile technologies and unabated consumer demand for payment-enabled smartphones and mobile devices is dramatically changing how airlines and travel operators conduct day-to-day business. Empowered by robust mobile payments, e-commerce professionals in the travel industry can transform revenues by turning their digital channel into an engine that supports robust direct-channel growth and ancillary purchases from travelers' smartphones.

CellPoint Mobile's Velocity payment platform provides full gateway functionality and a complete merchant-side payment control environment created specifically for airlines and travel operators. With Velocity's converged payment architecture, airlines, ground transportation providers, and hospitality service providers can tie together all payment data and services within a single framework, enabling a differentiated mobile commerce strategy by tapping into newly available and lucrative mobile revenue streams, and increasing the profitability of the digital channel.  

Velocity enables you to:

Increase Ticket and Ancillary Revenues

Generate new revenues from direct ticket sales and ancillary purchases via mobile

Improve conversions by turning lookers into bookers with a frictionless payment experience

Capture control of the direct channel instead of sharing revenues with partners

Document and report specific E-Commerce channel growth with robust metrics

Deliver an Integrated Omnichannel Strategy

Expand your direct channel with robust mobile capabilities

Increase brand appeal by enabling passengers to pay from their mobile devices quickly, easily, and securely

Enable push messaging for ancillary sales, improving up-sell and cross-sell conversions

Increase brand loyalty with existing passengers and guests by continuing to offer new capabilities

Let Velocity help your travel merchant deploy a mobile payments strategy that drives additional revenues

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