The comprehensive payment platform for the travel industry

The travel payments marketplace is now fundamentally driven by the convergence of smartphone brands, mobile technology experts, payment innovators and passengers themselves. Airlines, ground transportation, ferry and cruise operators, as well as hospitality and tourism service providers can capture new revenues from today's passengers and travelers by riding the innovation waves being created by such brands as Android, Apple, Samsung, Facebook, PayPal and Amazon.

But bolting mobile-centric capabilities onto legacy commerce systems is not a sustainable strategy in a rapidly changing market that continues to shift toward the always-connected, mobile-only consumer. Instead, airlines, passenger transportation providers and hospitality companies need payment strategies that are nimble, built on speed, and able to keep pace with marketplace demand, devices and technology. 

Velocity, CellPoint Mobile’s Converged Payment Gateway and Payment platform, enables travel merchants to balance the consumer demand for user experience and new payment services against legacy and siloed system constraints, as well as a highly fragmented payments ecosystem. The gateway is the hub where key payments components needed by travel merchants to process and manage payments are already in place, pre-integrated and waiting to be turned into revenue opportunities and seamless passenger purchases across all channels. With the converged architecture, airlines, ground transportation providers, and hospitality service providers can tie together all payment data and services within a single framework, so they can manage transactions uniformly across all channels.

3 Velocity Solutions Packaged to Suit Your Business Needs



A quick-to-market APM entry point

Up to 5 Global/Local APMs

Card Schemes (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)

Basic Reporting

CellPoint Mobile Accelerate



A mobile-first, full-functioning PSP


1 Acquirer Connection

Hosted Payment Page

Stored Card Vault

Enhanced Reporting



A complete merchant-side payment control environment


2 Acquirer Connections

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Split Payments

Pay by (Vouchers, Points, Coupons, Link)

Advanced Reporting & Dashboard

Advance Now

Offer Mobile Wallets and APMs Easily, Quickly and Without Friction

  • Boost ancillary revenues and drive new revenue streams
  • Turn lookers into bookers and increase conversions from the direct channel
  • Make it easy for mobile-first and mobile-only passengers to pay as they travel
  • Expand market share by leveraging mobile commerce capabilities and the market "pull" from Google, Apple and American Express

Choose Velocity Today for Your Mobile Wallet Solution

  • Expedite time to market for new mobile payment functionality: from months to weeks
  • Reduce implementation costs of deploying mobile wallets
  • Increase operational efficiencies by turning legacy PSP functionality into a seamless business function
  • Add flexibility to your payment options by choosing and updating your PSP and acquirer mix to take advantage of rates and more direct-channel sales
  • Keep your passengers’ and guests' payments safe with a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant platform and advanced fraud monitoring
  • Gain control of your mobile business with configuration, onboarding, and advanced reporting, all available from one easy-to-use console


Increase revenues with new revenue streams, manage costs for optimal results, and quickly turn a costly project into a revenue-generating investment.

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Offer a better user experience to your mobile-first passengers, increase direct-channel and ancillary revenue and expand omnichannel capabilities.

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Deploy global consumer wallets quickly, integrate new functionality without friction alongside existing processes and lead with a mobile-first strategy.

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Learn how Velocity can help your airline, ground transportation operator, or hospitality service provider increase revenues
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