Velocity ENGAGE

The ideal way to launch your mobile commerce strategy, Velocity ENGAGE is easy to integrate alongside existing systems and processes.

Velocity is the payment industry's first Mobile-PSP-as-a-Service (MPaaS), created specifically for airlines and travel operators. Based on CellPoint Mobile's industry expertise and built-for-mobile solutions, PSP functionality can now be handled as a plug-and-play business service, enabling airlines and travel operators to deploy mobile-centric payment solutions quickly, seamlessly, securely and profitably.

Two Global Alternative Payment Methods

Choose two global consumer wallets or APMs to integrate them smoothly into your payment flow, extending your customer reach and increasing ticket sales. Options available to Engage customers include:

One Acquirer

Process payments with one acquirer that supports your chosen mobile wallets or APMs.

Optimized Multi-Channel Payment Flow

Velocity supports Web, Mobile-Web, native app, messaging, bar code and QR Code without redirection. Optimized payment flow with Velocity’s API and SDK allows you to offer a fully branded, first-class payment experience to your passengers. Additional customization, such as prioritization of payment methods, enables you to protect existing revenues with improved payment flow, reduce cart abandonment and realize incremental revenues by improving look-to-book ratios.

Basic Reporting

Increase channel visibility and operational efficiency with transaction-level reports including: 

Capture Reference Report: Summary and details of payment captures for all subscribed payment methods, available per account and per currency.

Authorization Report: A graphical snapshot of authorized and declined payments within a given timeframe.

Data Security and Fraud Protection

All Velocity transactions are protected at the system and transaction level. Transaction-specific fraud prevention tools include transaction checksum, device fingerprinting, two-/multi-factor and out-of-band authentication, HTTP basic authentication, and industry-standard SSL encryption.

System-level data security features include tokenization, real-time monitoring, and PCI DSS Level 1 compliant platform. In addition, role-based access and single sign-on ensure simple but secure access to payment services. Protect your airline’s assets and revenues and your passengers’ transactions today with Velocity.

Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services can be added to all Velocity tiers, and include push messaging capability to promote ancillary purchases, interchange optimization and dynamic routing to optimize costs, acceptance rate optimization to increase completed transactions, and consulting services to assist with the partner integration services often needed to optimize payment flow and the e-commerce user experience.

Choose an acquirer

Integrate with API & SDKs

Configure, report & monitor


  • Experience immediate revenue uplift from the industry's most popular mobile wallets and APMs, such as Android Pay, AmEx Express Checkout, and Apple Pay
  • Leverage the quickest path to market for enabling mobile payment capability to your customers
  • Boost the number of transactions per passenger trip by enabling payments for direct-channel and ancillary sales
  • Build stored payment capabilities as a foundational component of the airline's mobile strategy
  • Drive more enrollment in frequent flyer programs and encourage more business from existing members by making it easy to pay


Launch your airline’s mobile payments strategy with a quick, easy-to-implement solution that optimizes cost and resources, while minimizing risk and time-to-market.

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Keep your passengers buying with the latest mobile wallets and alternative payment methods. Lay the groundwork that will turn loose the true potential of mobile commerce.

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Start with the Engage option to experience the ease and speed of deploying your first global consumer wallets to passengers, and enjoy a short time-to-market for new solutions.

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