Velocity ADVANCE

True mobile wallet success means deploying a full suite of payment solutions across all airline divisions and channels.

CellPoint Mobile's Velocity ADVANCE solution includes the full scope of our payment capabilities - to create a complete merchant-side payment control environment.  Velocity’s comprehensive platform includes a service orchestration layer and a converged payment gateway that enables immediate access to multiple PSPs, acquirers, global consumer walletsand APMs, secures transactions with a PCI DSS Level 1 certified card vault and advanced fraud monitoring, and offers value-added services including dynamic routing, acceptance rate optimization, and pay-by-link capabilities.

With the full scope of Velocity in place, airlines, ground and sea transportation providers, and hospitality companies can deploy mobile-centric payment solutions quickly, seamlessly, securely and profitably.

Velocity Advance is a complete merchant-side payment control environment that includes Accelerate capabilities and the following features:

Dynamic Routing

Reduce transaction costs with an intelligent routing engine that determines the optimal transaction route based on factors such as amount, exchange rate, issuing country, card type, capture method, and scheme fees. Increase acceptance rates with automatic re-routing of declined transactions.

Two Acquirers

Provision payment processing using up to three acquirers that support your chosen mobile wallets or APMs. With easy configuration from a single console, you can add and change acquirers, and intelligently route your transactions to obtain an optimal mix of fees and rates across region and card issuer combinations. Protect revenues with lower transaction costs and boost profits with increased acceptance rates.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Increase flexibility for your passengers, customers and guests by presenting preferred currency options within the payment flow at the point of checkout. Configure MCP and DCC on a channel-by-channel basis across different countries and regions. Keep 100% of your margin for FX conversions, maximizing FX as an income generation channel while providing transparency to your company and your traveling customers.

Split Payments

Expand options for your customers with options that allow passengers, customers and guests to split their purchase across multiple forms of payment, including credit and debit cards, loyalty points, alternative payment methods and vouchers.

Pay by (Vouchers, Points, Coupons, Link)

Increase ticket and ancillary revenue by offering end users more flexible payment options at check-out, such as vouchers, points, coupons and link, presented as stored payment methods alongside cards and fully integrated into the existing accounting systems. Decrease transaction losses by identifying failed transactions and offering consumers the option to retry the payment with a different method through a direct link.

Advanced Reporting & Dashboard

Maximize visibility with the ability to create your own reports. Drag and drop columns to create fully customized, dynamic reports across your entire mobile payment operation, all from one easy-to-use console.

Choose an acquirer

Integrate with API & SDKs

Configure, report & monitor


  • Generate robust new revenue streams and protect valuable existing revenue streams with a fully coordinated, omnichannel payments infrastructure
  • Support a fully mobile-centric payments strategy that covers all relevant markets, currencies, devices and channels
  • Position your airline or travel operator for ongoing payment updates, changes, roll-outs and technologies as they evolve and emerge in the payments ecosystem
  • Support all passengers, travelers and guests with the most popular and lucrative mobile wallets, payment apps and APMs available
  • Manage, edit, update and change PSPs and acquirers and take advantage of the best fees and rates


Opportunities for new mobile revenues will not wait, and now is your airline or travel merchant's time to configure, deploy and maintain a robust, profitable, mobile-centric payments strategy.

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Aided by results, metrics and proof of the value and potential of e-commerce revenue streams, expand the airline or travel merchant's presence into other channels and partnerships.

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Leverage the capabilities of the full CellPoint Mobile platform and e-commerce solutions to support, manage and continuously update a robust mobile payments strategy for your airline or travel merchant.

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Learn how Velocity can help your airline, ground transportation operator, or hospitality service provider increase revenues

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