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Travel is one of the fastest growing industries – making up 10% of global GDP – and by 2021 digital travel will be an $855B market. Meanwhile, consumers have more payment options than ever. Travel operators (airlines, ground and sea passenger transportation providers, and hospitality merchants) are increasing their selling opportunities through mobile booking and other channels, but without strong support for mobile payments, they are leaving revenue on the table.

Challenges for travel, transportation and hospitality companies include costly fees paid to PSPs, lengthy IT integration projects, data silos in disparate, back-end systems, and an ever-growing number of devices, channels, currencies and payment methods. Travel companies need a flexible, scalable payment infrastructure that can solve specific payment needs and can serve as an enterprise-level platform for mobile commerce, connecting the payment side of travel with customer-facing channels for more selling opportunities throughout the merchandising and fulfillment process. 

The Velocity Payment Platform

Whether you are looking for a quick-to-market entry point, allowing you to add an alternative payment method, or you need something more extensive, such as a fully-functioning PSP or a comprehensive merchant-side payment control environment, CellPoint Mobile’s Velocity payment platform enables travel, passenger transportation and hospitality merchants to get to market quickly, integrate with existing systems, boost conversions, increase mobile revenues, add new selling side channels and capture a larger share of the global travel market.

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With CellPoint Mobile's Pay Side Solutions, travel merchants can:

Increase revenues in the mobile channel

Create new revenue streams by making it easy for passengers and guests to conduct mobile transactions.

Boost conversions with flexible payment options

Support one-click check-out, all currencies, all devices and a broad range of payment methods.

Protect your customer and business data

Protect your company’s and customers’ data with a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant platform and advanced fraud monitoring.

Reduce cost with a
simpler payment process

Integrate functionality between internal and external systems through a gateway and payment orchestration layer.

Make smarter, more strategic decisions

Access the business intelligence you need to drive profitability in the online and mobile channels.

Uncover new mobile revenue streams with the right payment partner

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