CellPoint Mobile's Travel Innovation Hub explores and fast-tracks the application of blockchain technology for key travel-related business services and transactions.

The lab's mission is to develop practical, blockchain-driven products that can make travel easier: seamless, more secure, and less vulnerable to fraud.

Based on the company's 8+ years of experience with data integration, mobility, and the authentication, verification and security of payments and travel transactions, CellPoint Mobile works with industry partners, collaborators, innovators, agencies and clients to identify and fast-track blockchain capabilities and products involving four main travel activities.

Blockchain processes, which grew out of a need to verify transactions involving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, are fairly new to global financial sectors. CellPoint Mobile's Travel Technology Innovation Hub expands research into blockchain's adaptability to the travel sector toward a common goal: to make travel easier.

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We invite and encourage participation, collaboration and input from airline merchants, travel innovators, clients and partners.

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CellPoint Mobile Mission - Delivering Revenue-Generating Blockchain Products & Services to the Travel Sector

CellPoint Mobile's interest in innovation and integration is an outgrowth of its success as a provider of solutions for mobile payments, mobile booking, passenger transactions and passenger interactions – and in its transparent pursuit of blockchain's potential for seamless, secure travel-related business services and processes.

Involvement and Participation - Anchored in Copenhagen, Pune and Miami, we invite and encourage participation, collaboration and input from airline merchants, travel innovators, clients and partners.

Relevant products and services that fall into the four travel-related areas of payments, security, ID verification, and loyalty are open for discussion and exploration.

Built into CellPoint Mobile's core platform, a blockchain integration and translation layer will provide merchant clients with access to blockchain products and services. The innovation hub itself will serve as a real-time lab where like-minded travel experts and innovators can explore, create, evaluate, test and fast-track the deployment of practical, real-life blockchain use cases, business services and products.

CellPoint Mobile Team and Vision

Led by CellPoint Mobile's Chief Executive Officer Kristian Gjerding and Chief Technology Officer Jonatan Evald Buus, the CellPoint Mobile Travel Innovation Hub pursues visionary but practical uses of blockchain technologies and processes that include, but are not limited to:

Passenger ID and Security: A unified passenger ID from existing, distributed identities that include government-issued travel documents (passports, visas, IDS, licenses), company data, airline and travel records, loyalty program memberships, payment data, and more

Loyalty: Streamlined, verified and secure earn-and-redeem processes for airline travel loyalty programs

Payments: Integration of blockchain processes, digital wallet blockchain payment processors and other capabilities from CellPoint Mobile's orchestration layer

Together, the innovation hub's experts, partners and collaborators are delving into other use cases and viable travel-related services and products.

CTO Jonatan Evald Buus

CEO Kristian Gjerding

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