Passenger Technology


April 3 - 4, 2019. Hamburg, Germany

Meet the CellPoint Mobile team at Passenger Technology Solutions

What technologies and innovations are shaping the future of the end-to-end passenger journey? And how will airline operations and revenues be impacted?

Join the CellPoint Mobile team as we discuss this topic and how we are transforming the travel ecosystem at the 2019 Passenger Technology Solutions conference in Hamburg on April 3-4, 2019.

CellPoint Mobile's Stephane Druet, SVP Global Head of Marketing, will be part of the panel discussion - Transforming the travel ecosystem: Why today’s digital travellers need you to ‘Be There’ beyond the flight.

Most travellers book their flight and then think about hotels, car rentals, activities – they may not consider some requirements until the day of travel. How then should airlines and their partners start thinking beyond the flight to providing passengers with an entire travel experience? How can airlines and airports work together to forge collaborative ecosystems that ensure happier experiences for their passengers? And how can they leverage the latest digital tools and retain the human touch?

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We can discuss how our solutions equip your airline with right digital tools for communication, retailing and payments in an omni-channel environment that meets your passengers’ expectations and drives additional revenues.

Learn how our digital commerce and payment solutions can help your airline or travel brand streamline the path to purchase and increase revenues in your direct channels.

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