CAPA Airline Leader Summit

May 2 - 3, 2019. Dublin, Ireland

Meet the CellPoint Mobile executive team at CAPA's Airline Leader Summit

Come and meet our executive team at CAPA’s annual gathering of airline CEOs at the Airline Leader Summit in Dublin on May 2-3, 2019 as we discuss airlines making money.

Yes, airlines making money and a vision for the future.

With the event’s underlying theme of disruption and change, our executive team will be onsite with many airline CEOs discussing the challenges facing their industry, especially within the marketing and distribution areas, and how traditional operations and revenue models are being upended by artificial intelligence and rapidly changing market forces.

And on Thursday, May 2nd CellPoint Mobile's Noel Connolly, SVP Global Sales Air & Hospitality, will be speaking on a panel that looks at how airlines can capture more share of the passengers’ travel wallet and increase loyalty by offering high-perceived-value packages and bundles, among other strategies.

If you are heading to the Airline Leader Summit in Dublin, why not schedule a meeting with us?

Learn how how our digital commerce and payment solutions are helping many of the world’s airlines compete more aggressively in a dynamic market.

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