The Copenhagen Cosmopolitan Transit Authority (CCTA) chose CellPoint Mobile to help mobilize travel cards for regular travelers. CCTA required the system to span three types of public transportation: bus, subway and train, operated by three different (and competing) transportation companies.


CellPoint Mobile worked with representatives from each company’s business units to ensure that the varying business requirements for each company were met, while also maintaining a coherent and streamlined overall solution design and passenger experience.

The CCTA solution was built on CellPoint Mobile’s platform and deployed using mTicket™, mPoint™ and mConsole™. The solution included full integration with many existing legacy systems, including e-commerce system, financial systems, customer service systems and surveillance systems.


The project began at the end of August 2012 and launched in November 2012. Throughout this three-month project, CellPoint Mobile consistently delivered to budget and timescales. The solution now successfully handles millions of transactions every day.

Additionally, the solution has now been fully integrated with the billing engine that handles revenue sharing among the business units. The solution is operational via mobile app for iOS and Android.