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Does your airline want to...

Have control of and simplify its payments ecosystem?

Bring new payment methods to market quickly and without hefty costs or IT involvement?

Increase ancillary revenue and paths to purchase?

CellPoint Mobile is selecting one airline in North America or Latin America to participate in an exclusive three-month trial deployment of Apple Pay. CellPoint Mobile will complete a complimentary consultation and discovery session with the chosen airline partner to evaluate the carrier’s immediate payment needs. CellPoint Mobile will then create a customized deployment plan and successfully integrate Apple Pay into the airline’s existing payments infrastructure.

Are you ready to add new payment methods that will enable more transactions and higher revenues right now?  To qualify for this exclusive offer, please answer the following questions:

What will be expected of the partner airline:

Allocate dedicated internal stakeholders from key divisions to drive the three-month program.

Identify a 3-hour time slot and pre-defined date immediately following ATPS for an on-site work session to scope both technical and business implications of the project, and to define success criteria with CPM.

Provide feedback on successes and outcomes of the Apple Pay integration.

What will be expected of CellPoint Mobile:

Integrate Apple Pay into the airline’s existing payments infrastructure in under three months (caveat: one PSP only).

Provide partner airline with the necessary documentation for the API and SDKs of proprietary TravelBank mWallet™ solution in order to implement Apple Pay.

Highlight partner airline results in an industry report about the trial deployment.

Terms and Conditions:

Airline must currently have a relationship with or be willing to integrate a Payment Service Provider (PSP) that supports Apple Pay.

If the selected airline partner chooses to use a PSP that is not supported by CellPoint Mobile, the airline must pay for the integration cost.

If the airline does not wish to integrate a new PSP, CellPoint Mobile will provide the airline with a thorough report on how to integrate an alternative payment method using the TravelBank mWallet™ solution.

CellPoint Mobile reserves the right to cancel deployment if partner airline does not provide the resources necessary for a successful integration.