CellPoint Mobile: Dismantling the Barriers to Mobile Booking

The numbers speak for themselves: 4 billion airline passengers in 2016, and an estimated $1.3 trillion (USD) in gross online traveling bookings in 2017.

Airlines that make it easy for passengers to book and buy tickets entirely and solely from digital devices can gain access to new revenue streams - ancillary products and services, partnerships with other travel and hospitality brands, and the ability to interact in real time with passengers via customer service and social media channels.

2017 might not be the year that smartphones finally wrestle the "buy now" button away from desktop computers, but travelers are increasingly speaking with their fingertips. Airline that store passenger data and payment data to provide seamless mobile booking capabilities will gain a competitive advantage and capture new revenue streams.

Download this second in a series of mini-reports about the reality and potential of the fully mobile journey.


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