The "Mobile-First" Payments Imperative for Global Airlines

By the end of this decade, and much sooner than many airlines realize, more than 50% of travel-related purchases will take place on smartphones and wearable devices as passengers across the globe fully embrace and rely upon the mobile environment for the majority of their transactions.

Are your payment solutions mobile-ready? And is your airline prepared?

Facing $762 billion USD in estimated digital travel revenues by 2019, airlines' payment solutions and passenger-centric services must be developed now in order to take advantage of the vast direct-channel mobile revenue opportunities that await from:

- more conversions
- higher acceptance rates
- broad support for traditional and alternate payment methods (APMs)
- sales of ancillary products and services

Download CellPoint Mobile's latest report, "The Mobile Payments Imperative for Global Airlines: Outlook 2016," today and let talk about how we can help your airline embrace and deliver a “mobile-first” payments imperative right away.