2017 Imperative for Airlines: Beyond Mobile Payments

Now that airlines are beginning to embrace the need to generate new revenues by enabling mobile payments for their passengers, market demographics and market innovation demand that they move much more quickly and comprehensively to embed mobility throughout airline operations and the entire passenger journey.

In this new travel market, the push for mobile-first strategies and brand DNA must start in the executive suite and filter throughout the entire organization – payments, loyalty, marketing, ancillary revenues, e-commerce – if airlines hope to keep pace with a fast-moving mobile market and its revenue potential.

Emboldened by a mobile-centric strategy, airlines will be able to:

- leverage mobile payments to boost revenues and ancillary sales
- attract more passengers and cater to younger, mobile-focused, tech-savvy customers
- re-energize their loyalty programs
- modernize and personalize their marketing technology initiatives
- position themselves for success in the mobile environment

Download CellPoint Mobile's updated report, "The 2017 Imperative for Global Airlines: Beyond Mobile Payments to Personalization, Loyalty and Revenues." Let's talk about how we can help your airline deliver a mobile-first strategy that will boost revenues and make travel easier.


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