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Webinar Recording - May 30, 2019

Right Payment, Right Person, Right Time: Why the Right Mix of Global and Local APMs is Important

Senior Director of Business Development, James Schildknecht, examines the importance of establishing the right payment mix to increase overall sales conversions, grow revenues and identify the APMs that will appeal to your customers at both local and global levels.

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Event Recording - May 2, 2019

CAPA Airline Leader Summit: Innovation in Generating Ancillary Revenues

The main theme of this year's CAPA Airline Leader Summit in Dublin was "Airlines making money: a vision of the future" with the underlying theme of disruption and change. In this video recording of a panel discussion, Noel Connolly, SVP, Head of Global Sales for Airline and Hospitality, discusses how airlines can leverage the mobile channel to better understand their customers and ultimately increase ancillary revenues.

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Podcast - April 23, 2019

AviaDev Insight: Mobile Commerce and Payment Solutions for African Airlines

SVP, Global Sales Air & Hospitality, Noel Connolly spoke with Jon Howell of AviaDev Insights, the first podcast dedicated to the African aviation industry. In this episode, Noel and Jon discuss the opportunities that mobile phone penetration in Africa offers travelers and airlines. 

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Industry Report - March 15, 2019

Challenges Facing Municipal, Regional and National Transit

The second in our multi-part series of reports that examine challenges and opportunities in the US mass transit, ground transportation and rail industries, the difficulties of acquiring new riders, and what US ground transit operators, including national, regional, private, mass transit and rideshare, can do to address that challenge while also streamlining the procurement process and reducing costs. 

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Industry Report - January 17, 2019

Modernizing the Passenger Experience in US Ground Transportation

This report is part of our multi-part series based on a survey we conducted in October 2018 of 2,052 consumers and 103 transit operators in the US. It examines some of the key challenges facing the North American ground transportation and mass transit market and highlights how operators can improve service, reduce costs, lift customer satisfaction and grow their bottom line. 

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Outlook Report - December 14, 2018

Outlook 2019: Digital Commerce and Payment Trends in the Dynamic Latin American and Caribbean Travel Sectors

The Outlook 2019: Looking Ahead at Latin America and the Caribbean report will be relevant to any airline or travel merchant operating in the region – or in any emerging region where financial inclusion, alternative payment methods (APMs) and cross-border ecommerce are converging to create new and larger markets for travel and tourism.

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Video Interview - November 28, 2018

Perspectives from CAPA World Aviation Outlook Summit 2018

CEO Kristian Gjerding joined a panel of airline industry experts in a session titled "Digital outlook: True, fast and profitable innovation - Speeding up the transformation of the industry", and in this video he shares his perspectives from the panel discussion.

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Event Recording - November 28, 2018

Digital Outlook: True, Fast And Profitable Innovation – Speeding Up The Transformation Of The Industry

One of the main topics at this year's CAPA World Aviation Outlook Summit in Berlin was the digital transformation of airlines into global retailers. In this video recording of a panel discussion during Day 2 of the event, CEO Kristian Gjerding explores the challenges and opportunities this transformation presents.

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Slideshow - November 23, 2018

Reinventing the Digital Experience for Rail Passengers

CellPoint Mobile provides rail-owning groups and operators with omni-channel solutions, designed to help them create better passenger experiences through seamless payments and mobile ticketing, targeted communications and complete campaign management.

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Video Commentary - November 15, 2018

The CellPoint Mobile and UATP Partnership

CellPoint Mobile and UATP, the world’s leading airline payment network, have partnered to help airlines accelerate their path to profits. This short video introduces you to this new model of airline payment services – one connection, many options.

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Video Commentary - November 12, 2018

Strategy Choices: Payments Are Key to Success

The path to purchase – and airline profits – depends largely on offering the right mix of payment methods to each customer and market. Our payment team explains how your airline can achieve this.

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Video Commentary - November 9, 2018

Merchandising and Payments Throughout the Passenger Journey

Airlines have abundant opportunities for ancillary revenue throughout the passenger journey, but only with the right merchandising and payments solutions. Our digital commerce experts take you on this journey in this video.

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Video Commentary - November 7, 2018

The Digital Experience: The Passenger’s Perspective

Today’s passengers want their transactions, interactions and communications to be seamless and tailored to their needs, preferences and markets. Are you giving your customers the experience they expect? We explore this topic in our latest video.

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Video Commentary - November 5, 2018

The Digital Commerce Landscape and Its Challenges

How can airlines optimize their digital commerce strategies and accelerate their path to profits in an omnichannel, mobile-first market? Our experts discuss.

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Video Commentary - November 2, 2018

The Challenges Facing Airlines – Overview of IATA Airline Industry Retailing (AIR) Symposium Rome 2018 

An omnichannel approach is becoming more and more important for airlines and customers are expecting airlines to offer multiple payment options. How can airlines solve customer pain points, cut costs and grow revenue? Find out in this video.

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Slideshow - October 25, 2018

CellPoint Mobile & UATP Partnership: A Digital Travel Solution to Grow Travel Retail Revenues

UATP and CellPoint Mobile combine their expertise to offer a turnkey solution for deploying new AFPs in just a few weeks without any disruption to existing processes or systems. By quickly and efficiently adding new AFPs, airlines can streamline their path to purchase and meet their passengers’ payment expectations.

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Video Commentary - October 23, 2018

The Benefits of a Taking Multiple PSP Approach to Your Payment Strategy

Payments have become unbelievably complex even for payment service providers (PSPs), requiring multiple PSP partnerships for airlines hoping to implement new payment strategies and support new digital expectations in an omnichannel environment. Our experts discuss…

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Video Commentary - October 17, 2018

The Growing Demand for Alternative Payment Methods

With more than 800+ alternative payment methods – and growing – across the globe, how can airlines provide the right mix of payments for their customers and markets while cutting costs and accelerating the digital path to profits?

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Video Commentary - October 11, 2018

The Importance of Payments to Passenger Experience

How does the payment experience impact an airline’s bottom line what can airlines do to make payments easier and more convenient for their customers?

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Video Commentary - October 5, 2018

The Digital and Mobile Commerce Landscape

Digital commerce, and specifically the demand for alternative payment methods (APMs), is a reality in travel. Learn how airlines can evolve their omnichannel strategies to improve both merchandising and payments.

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Video Commentary - September 28, 2018

The CellPoint Mobile and UATP Partnership

Find out how CellPoint Mobile and UATP are working together to offer comprehensive digital payments solutions that help airlines increase acceptance and conversion rates, quickly and easily.

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Video Commentary - September 28, 2018

World Financial Symposium Madrid 2018 – Event Highlights

Digital commerce, and specifically alternative payment methods (APMs), have a direct impact on airline costs, revenues and profits. Learn how CellPoint Mobile and UATP are using airline payments to improve customer satisfaction and carriers’ bottom lines.

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Industry Report - April 25, 2018

UK Rail 2019: Mobile-First Revenue Generation for Passenger Transport and The Future of Mobility

UK Rail 2019 report provides an overview and analysis of the UK rail sector and how industry stakeholders – including government agencies, owning groups, bid teams and train operating companies – can leverage mobile technology to cut costs, increase existing capacity and generate ancillary revenue.

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Outlook Report - February 28, 2018

Mobile Outlook 2018: The Future of Global Travel Commerce

Our Mobile Outlook 2018 Report offers insight, analysis and recommendations around key areas of travel commerce, including blockchain technology, mobile payments and mobile booking and looks at the key challenges and opportunities for mobile commerce across all major travel sectors and regions.

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The Mobile Journey | Chapter 3 - August 4, 2017

The Mobile Journey: The Ideal Convergence Point for Loyalty Is At the Moment of Miles-Points Redemption

Treating passengers' hard-earned miles and points as pre-stored, ready-to-transact digital currencies - on par with Android Pay, PayPal, Visa Checkout and others - is the necessary next step for embedding loyalty into the mobile journey. "Pay with Miles" at the time of mobile checkout will satisfy customers and make loyalty transactions convenient and seamless.

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The Mobile Journey | Chapter 2 - July 4, 2017

Mobile Booking: A New Path to Revenue

Enabling passengers to book and pay directly from a smartphone creates additional revenues streams for airlines. Download this second in a series of mini-reports about the reality and potential of the fully mobile journey.

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The Mobile Journey | Chapter 1 - June 14, 2017

The Mobile Journey (Re)-Imagined: Are Airlines and Travel Companies Giving Passengers the Mobile Capabilities They Want?

What can airlines do now to embed mobility into each passenger's journey, from the moment of search to post-destination logistics? At what point will passengers finally be able to manage every communication, every interaction and every transaction solely from a mobile device or in the mobile channel?

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Airline Industry Brief - April 25, 2017

Mobile Travel Payments: Airline Challenges & Opportunities

What motivates airline payment experts to roll out mobile payments to passengers, and what's holding them back? A CellPoint Mobile survey of experts in the Americas, Europe and UK indicates they are embracing mobile payments to meet the needs of raised-on-mobile travelers, and to take advantage of improved onboard Wi-Fi and more APMs.

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Mobile Commerce Infographic – March 29, 2017

2016 Industry Profitablity Sets the Stage for 2017 Mobile-First Payment Strategies and Opportunities for Global Airlines

An accompanying infographic to our Mobile Commerce Brief examines the financial state of the airline industry and lays out strategic opportunities for airlines around the world to capture new revenues by supporting and deploying mobile payment solutions. A proactive “retail selling” mentality is just one component of a mobile strategy.

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Webinar with Q&A - March 14, 2017

The Full CellPoint Mobile-MobilePay Webinar Covers Payment Integration And Common Questions and Answers

As airlines pursue renewed profitability, mobile commerce looms large as a growth opportunity. Airlines can take advantage of a rapidly expanding mobile marketplace and simultaneously satisfy mobile-reliant passengers as they travel. Enjoy the full webinar, including the question-answer session.

Webinar - March 14, 2017

Airlines Can Capture New Revenues by Launching MobilePay in the Nordics for Their Passengers: A Joint Webinar

CellPoint Mobile's Andy Sale and MobilePay's Lars Green discuss revenue opportunities for airlines and travel companies that serve the mobile-centric Nordic region. This webinar describes the ease with which CellPoint Mobile can integrate MobilePay as a convenient, secure mobile payment solution for today's travelers.

Mobile Commerce Brief - February 14, 2017

Airline Industry Brief Outlines Key Revenue Opportunities that Await Airlines from Mobile Commerce

As airlines pursue renewed profitability, mobile commerce looms large as a growth opportunity, both to take advantage of a rapidly expanding mobile marketplace and to satisfy consumers who increasingly expect their smartphones to serve as transaction and payment tools as they travel. 

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Airline Industry Brief - January 23, 2017

Airline Industry Brief Examines the "Three-P" Approach to Sector Growth in 2017: Passengers, Payments and Profitability

With over 60% of global travelers identifying the smartphone as their "most indispensable" travel item, a new airline industry brief from CellPoint Mobile explains why carriers should embrace the "Three Ps" – Passengers, Payments and Profitability – as key components of their strategy for revenue growth in 2017.

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Outlook Report - October 25, 2016

2017 Mobile Payments Report Recommends "Mobile-First" Strategies by Executives to Boost Revenues, Ancillaries, Personalization & Loyalty

A 2017 update of our 2016 Mobile Payments Global Imperatives report, this white paper urges airlines to adopt robust, mobile-first strategies throughout operations to collect new revenues from the mobile marketplace and to meet passengers' mobile-dominated travel behaviors. Go to download

Airline Outlook Report - February 3, 2016

Airline Outlook Report Stresses a "Mobile-First" Payments Imperative for Airlines' Revenue Growth in 2016

Our baseline 2016 Mobile Payments Imperative Report urges global airlines to adopt a "mobile-first" mindset around payments and passenger-centric services to capture the billions in revenues that now arise from travelers' digital and mobile transactions and payments around the globe. 

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