MusicPlanet Live’s new platform for fans, artists, venues & promoters leverages CellPoint Mobile’s payment technology for frictionless  transactions

MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 21, 2018 – MusicPlanet Live, the first live music hub for artists, fans, promoters and venues across the UK, has partnered with CellPoint Mobile to accept payments through its website. CellPoint Mobile’s sell side and pay side solutions, which enhance customer experience and maximize revenue opportunities for travel, hospitality and entertainment enterprises across the globe, allow Music Planet Live to provide its user base with the secure payment options they prefer.

MusicPlanet Live (www.musicplanetlive.com) is the only social media platform in existence exclusively dedicated to live music. It is designed to provide a convergence point for venues, promoters, artists, and fans and is scaled for universal usage across the industry. But it is in the grassroots market, serving those without major-label budgets, resources or access, that the most immediate benefits will be seen. With 94 small-capacity venues in London alone drawing 13,800 people on a nightly basis, the Music Venue Trust estimates that the grassroots market contributes £92 million ($118 million) to Britain’s economy – a significant opportunity for MusicPlanet Live.

According to Richard Taylor, the CEO and founder of MusicPlanet Live, the market opportunity is secondary to the benefits MusicPlanet Live provides to artists, venues and fans. “Our platform provides a space for fans to discover new music, for promoters and venues to increase show attendance through advance bookings, and for artists to make their voices heard… all in an interactive way,” says Taylor.

“We are excited to be working with CellPoint Mobile to power our payments,” Taylor continues, “With their expertise and vast network of partnerships with acquirers and APM providers, we can focus on what’s most important to us – bringing the entire global music community together to promote live music – without having to sweat the details of payments. And their global reach will be important as we expand into other European countries and the US later this year.”

A Partnership for Growth
CellPoint Mobile’s payment solutions give MusicPlanet Live immediate access to a variety of secure payment options, including alternate payment methods (APMs) like Apple Pay and Google Pay (formerly Android Pay), which will likely resonate with MusicPlanet Live’s base of Millennial, urban music fans. CellPoint Mobile’s fully compliant PCI DSS Level 1 payment platform, Velocity, also enables access to multiple PSPs, acquirers, and global consumer wallets.

With consumers increasingly conducting transactions over mobile in other industries such as retail and transportation, MusicPlanet Live, with CellPoint Mobile’s support, is well-positioned to provide the type of seamless and frictionless payment experience that customers expect.

Noel Connolly, CellPoint Mobile’s SVP and Global Head of Sales for Airlines and Hospitality, says “We look forward to working with MusicPlanet Live as the company strives to solve the problems faced by the grassroots music community, and we’re proud to play a part in their innovation.” Connolly continues, “With consumers accustomed to using social media for work, play and everything in between, it’s only natural that fans will embrace the opportunity to explore their music interests and favorite artists in an interactive online environment such as MusicPlanet Live.”

For more information about the MusicPlanet Live integration or to interview Noel Connolly of CellPoint Mobile, please contact Vanessa Horwell at +44.203.807.3735 or vhorwell@thinkinkpr.com.

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