CellPoint Mobile Now Supports MobilePay

CellPoint Mobile now offers mobilepay as a Payment Option, Enabling 3.8 Million+ Nordic Consumers to Use Seamless Mobile Payments for Travel 

CellPoint Mobile’s Travel Booking and Payment solution supports MobilePay for online merchants in the Nordic expanding mobile payment opportunities for millions of travellers

COPENHAGEN (December 12, 2016) – CellPoint Mobile has signed a MobilePay distribution agreement which enables airlines, travel companies and hospitality firms to roll out mobile payments for more than three million consumers in Denmark and across the Nordic region, making it easy for travellers to purchase tickets and travel-related services directly from their mobile devices.

CellPoint Mobile's payments orchestration platform will enable MobilePay payments in the Nordic market. In Denmark, the popular mobile payment solution – consistently ranked as one of Denmark’s most frequently used apps -- is installed on 9 out of 10 smartphones.

MobilePay has been proven to create faster, more convenient checkout flows that lead to higher conversions, incremental sales, increased market share, and simple, quick integration. MobilePay clients in the travel sector also note lower drop-off rates for travel bookings made from mobile devices.

CellPoint Mobile is a key collaborator in the successful implementation of MobilePay with DSB (Danish State Railway), the largest train operator in Scandinavia, where 68% of all DSB mobile transactions are now processed using MobilePay. CellPoint Mobile and MobilePay will expand payment integration capabilities to other key sectors, including airlines and travel, beginning in early 2017.

“Airlines, travel and hospitality companies that operate within the Nordics can now leverage our deep payment expertise and technology to increase sales, capture new revenues from the mobile environment and provide seamless online and mobile payment solutions to their customers and travellers,” said Kristian Gjerding, CEO of CellPoint Mobile. “Our collaboration complements MobilePay’s position as the de facto payment method of choice for Nordic consumers and travelers, where 91 of 98 Danish local authorities have a MobilePay contract."

CellPoint Mobile provides comprehensive, mobile-first commerce and payment solutions; covering the European Union from offices based in London and Copenhagen. Its payments platform makes it easy for airlines, travel companies and other retailers to implement and manage a variety of mobile payment methods quickly and cost-effectively. MobilePay is a convenient, seamless payment solution used by 3.2 million consumers for quick mobile payments at checkout in Denmark and by a total of 3.8 million Nordic consumers for seamless online cross-border payments in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

”I am very happy and pleased with our new partnership. CellPoint Mobile is a leading provider of online payment solutions in the travel industry, and we share the ambition of easier, faster and safer mobile payments for the travel industry and their end-customers. We are convinced that it will further fuel the reach and growth of MobilePay Online and more MobilePay offerings,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen, Head of MobilePay.

CellPoint Mobile, a 2014, 2015 and 2016 Børsen Gazelle company, specializes in creating and supporting mobile-centric SaaS (software-as-a-service) payment methods for the airline, travel and hospitality sectors.

For more information about the companies’ partnership, or to arrange an interview with executives from CellPoint Mobile and MobilePay, please contact Vanessa Horwell at +45.7876.8488 or vhorwell@thinkinkpr.com.CellPoint Mobile’s Travel Booking and Payment solution supports MobilePay for online merchants in the Nordic expanding mobile payment opportunities for millions of travellers.

About CellPoint Mobile

Travel is at the heart of discovery, learning, commerce and change. It’s also at the heart of our business, and that’s why CellPoint Mobile makes travel easier by providing airlines and travel companies with comprehensive, mobile-first commerce and payment solutions that enhance their customers’ experience, increase revenues and improve margins. With offices in Miami, London, Copenhagen, Dubai, Pune and Singapore, CellPoint Mobile simplifies the integration of complex commerce and payment solutions for global and regional airlines and travel companies – quickly and without friction. To learn more about the company’s products and services for travel payments, loyalty program transactions, passenger IDs and security please visit www.cellpointmobile.com.

About MobilePay
3,8+ million Nordic consumers are using MobilePay, in Denmark 3,2+ million. The 2016 annual activity in Denmark is forecast at 170 million payments, and the turnover is forecast at DKK 38 billion. MobilePay is used in an increasing number of areas, the most important being: Between private individuals, retail shops, webshops, local authority payments, payments through other apps, donations etc. In Denmark above 37.000 businesses including 5.500 webshops are offering there customer MobilePay as an easy and fast payment channel.