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Setting Standards

Setting industry standards for mobile payments worldwide

CellPoint Mobile is an active participant in industry forums that include IATA, ARTS, NACHA, Mobey Forum and others. Because of our affiliation with these industry organizations, CellPoint Mobile provides key input into the development of mobile standards and best practices for payments, and we can bring the very latest and most relevant knowledge and expertise to our clients.

BUsiness models
for nfc payments

Bringing contactless NFC Payments to the mass market

CellPoint Mobile participated with leading financial institutions in developing the “Business Models for NFC Payments” white paper for Mobey Forum.
The paper highlights the necessary steps that will make NFC contactless mobile payments at the point-of-sale (POS) a mass-market reality. As NFC technology continues to gain momentum, the study demonstrates how stakeholders can assess different implementation options, define business cases and roles that will meet their requirements, and establish a clear go to-market strategy with essential partnerships.

Guidelines for
mobile remote payments

Practical guidelines for implementation

With SWIFT and Royal Bank of Scotland, CellPoint Mobile co-chaired the Mobey Forum’s “Implementer Guidelines for Mobile Remote Payments.” The aim of the document is to provide practical guidelines for implementation of mobile remote payments. It addresses ways to leverage both existing infrastructures and standard payment instruments, such as credit transfers, card payments, and transfers between stored value accounts. The paper highlights the important role of the mobile phone number, and no any other specific code or identifier, to identify the payer and payee in a mobile remote payment transaction. Using the mobile phone number provides user convenience, ensures privacy and the security of payment information, and facilitates interoperability across stakeholders.

nrf - mobile blueprint

Creation of industry-leading standards

With Oracle and Smart Card Alliance, CellPoint Mobile co-chaired the development of both versions of the “NRF – Mobile Blueprint” for the National Retail Federation. The goal of the “NRF – Mobile Blueprint” is the creation of industry-leading standards, documentation and mobile-related best practices, with a dual purpose of maximizing benefits and minimizing implementation expenses, ongoing costs, and fees associated with mobile payments.

iata Partnership

Strategic partner

As a strategic partner with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), CellPoint Mobile participates in industry work groups, including the Passenger Experience Management Group, Payment and the Fast Travel initiative. Through the IATA partnership, we have gained a unique insight into airlines’ priorities and are helping to define the future of air travel, with a special emphasis on business-critical payments and passenger experience touchpoints. IATA, a platform for aviation solution providers, builds and strengthens relationships with key airline industry stakeholders.