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Store payments securely and boost revenues through increased mobile payment conversions.

Boost revenues and conversions

Store payment data securely, turn lookers into bookers and position your airline for mobile-first direct-channel and ancillary sales.

Configure payment solutions quickly and easily with minimal IT investment and cost.

Simplify payment complexity

Leverage our powerful platform to configure payment solutions easily and quickly – without heavy IT involvement, delays or costs.

Support end-to-end interactions and transactions with travelers directly from mobile devices.

Satisfy your customers

Support quick, convenient, single-checkout mobile transactions for passengers from beginning to end of the journey.


for all your payment needs

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Mobile payment capabilities can boost innovation for airlines, trains, buses, ferries and other transport modes.

In The News – June 26, 2017

Broader transport sector is ripe for mobile payments

On its blog, innovator Rambus gives a nod to CEO Kristian Gjerding’s Mobile Payments Today column on in-flight mobile payment capabilities, calling mobile payments and mobile wallets “an important aspect of smart travel for transport operators seeking to modernize train, bus and ferry systems.”

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CEO Kristian Gjerding | CellPoint mobile

In The News - June 21, 2017

Who Can (And Must) Lead Airlines Into The Digital Age? CFOs Should Step Forward As Agents Of Change

At many airlines and other large companies, the CFO's role has grown significantly over the last decade. In a position that once was seen as a steward charged with preserving enterprise assets, today's CFO is usually involved in providing operational oversight as well as shaping corporate strategy.

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In The News - June 19, 2017

Consumer tastes demand airlines adopt mobile pay

Mobile-enabled travel commerce is evolving from a distant “nice-to-have” vision to marketplace reality and an airline’s operational “must-have.” Prevailing trends are driving airlines’ interest in mobile commerce, so what's keeping them from embedding commerce into the entire passenger experience?

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CellPoint Mobile helps global and regional airlines implement payment solutions quickly, simply and with minimal IT integration.