CellPoint Mobile Now Supports MobilePay

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Exploring Blockchain’s Potential for the Travel Sector

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The 2017 Mobile Imperative for Global Airlines: Beyond Payments to Personalization, Loyalty & Revenues

Our forward-looking white paper encourages airline executives to embrace mobile-first stratgies and infuse mobile data and technology throughout the airline to enhance revenues via mobile payments, personalization, loyalty programs, and ancillary products and services.

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In The News - 16.08.01

CellPoint Mobile's New Velocity Product, a Mobile PSP Solution, Enables Quick, Easy Deployment of Mobile Payments & Apps.

In response to the unparalleled roll-out, promotion and adoption of new mobile payment methods around the globe, CellPoint Mobile introduces Velocity, a three-tier solutions suite that turns Payment Service Provider (PSP) functionality into a plug-and-play business service for airlines and travel companies. Choose from Engage, Accelerate and Advance options.

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As the payments ecosystem shifts to the mobile environment, airlines can take new payment methods to market quickly, capture new and incremental revenues, update existing payment data easily and improve relationships with Payment Service Providers (PSPs).


for all your payment needs

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Our Blog 17.01.05

Wi-Fi in the Sky: Broader Availability Will Boost Mobile Payments (And Airline Revenues)

When Wi-Fi in the sky becomes more widely available, airlines & passengers should be prepared for a whole new era of airline commerce via mobile payments.

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Our Blog 16.12.27

A Milestone Year for Mobile Payments: Looking Ahead to 2017

While 2016 was marked by growth at CellPoint Mobile, 2017 is already shaping up to be a milestone year for mobile payments, alternative payments and e-commerce innovation across the airline industry and other travel sectors.
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MobilePay-CellPoint Mobile Agreement Makes Nordic Travel Payments Even More Seamless

Our Blog 16.12.14

MobilePay-CellPoint Mobile Agreement Makes Nordic Travel Payments Even More Seamless

In an ideal world, purchasing airline and train tickets, travel services, and even groceries and retail items would be as simple as swiping a smartphone and making the transaction happen.

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CEO Kristian Gjerding | CellPoint mobile

In The News 16.09.16

Mobile Payments Today -

The Time is Now for Airlines to Launch Mobile Payments

CEO Kristian Gjerding tells Mobile Payments Today that airline Finance, IT and e-Commerce Managers must pursue their respective goals but seek common ground to launch mobile payments now.

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In The News 16.08.15

CellPoint Mobile Hires Shiraz Malik as VP of Sales for Asia-Pacific, Opens Office in Singapore

CellPoint Mobile has hired veteran travel solutions expert Shiraz Malik as Vice President of Sales for Asia-Pacific (APAC) and has opened a new office in Singapore to serve the rapidly growing APAC travel market.

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At CellPoint Mobile, winning and keeping customers is a team effort. Success in our world is achieved through a blend of excellent service, innovative thinking, and a passion to be the best.

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