CellPoint Mobile's White Paper Outlines a "Mobile-First" Payments Imperative for Airlines.

Our white paper, "The Mobile Payments Imperative for Global Airlines: Outlook 2016," encourages airlines to leverage robust payment solutions to capture tens to hundreds of millions in new and incremental revenues from direct-channel and ancillary sales.

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In The News - 16.05.06

Mobile wallets: a viable solution to make travelers' payments more secure, more satisfying and more lucrative for airlines

Chip-and-PIN point-of-sale devices can be "cumbersome and costly" for airlines, EEO Kristian Gjerding tells APEX. But mobile wallets can address authentication and hacking issues, making it easy for travelers to pay from their smartphones while helping airlines collect revenues from the critical mobile marketplace.

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As the payments ecosystem shifts to the mobile environment, airlines can take new payment methods to market quickly, capture new and incremental revenues, update existing payment data easily and improve relationships with Payment Service Providers (PSPs).


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Our Blog 16.06.17

3 Major Mobile Wallets Are Making It Easier To Passengers to Pay Seamlessly as they travel 

CellPoint Mobile's key talking point to airlines is: Make it incredibly easy for your passengers to pay from their smartphones as they travel, and airline revenues will grow. These three wallets are paving the way. 

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Our Blog 16.05.05

The ability to pay with a smartphone or mobile app is having a big impact on public transit around the world.

From the tube in London to commuter-rail networks in the U.S. to the subway in Singapore and buses in Rwanda - mobile apps, mobile transit cards and NFC-enabled mobile payment technologies are making it a snap for passengers to pay as they go.

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Our Blog 16.04.21

Can blockchain technology address passengers' concerns about the security of mobile payments? Some experts think so.

Blockchain technology, which relies on a public ledger to verify and authenticate payments, holds promise as a new approach for tightening the oversight and security of mobile payments – and perhaps boosting passenger adoption.

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CEO Kristian Gjerding | CellPoint mobile

In The News 16.05.06

CEO Kristian Gjerding urges airlines to pursue partnerships with payment vendors and innovators.

In Mobile Payments Today, Kristian writes that teaming with industry-leading firms helps airlines gain access to the technologies and capabilities that make it easy for passengers to travel, buy and pay.

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In The News 16.03.01

Knud Skriver joins CellPoint Mobile as Area Manager-Nordics, supports Copenhagen as EU operational headquarters.

Buoyed by several years of high growth and Børsen recognition as a prestigious Gazelle price company, CellPoint Mobile selects Copenhagen as its base of EU operations and names Knud Skriver as Area Manager for the Nordics region.

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At CellPoint Mobile, winning and keeping customers is a team effort. Success in our world is achieved through a blend of excellent service, innovative thinking, and a passion to be the best.

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